We've been making your interior dreams come true for five years.

24 / 01 / 2023


Not so long ago, the PREMIER interiors studio consisted of Martin and Patrik and a small office in the Brno Exhibition Center.

Actually, it's been 5 years...

Since then we've grown up a lot. We've gained new experience, skilled colleagues and interesting projects. And today?

Let's take stock

  • Our portfolio includes more than 100 interior designs and realizations.
  • In total, you have invested CZK 250 million with us.
  • We have a team of 16 architects, designers and salespeople working on your projects.
  • And we'll make you coffee in our new offices with a showroom on Vídeňská Street.

We owe it all to you, our clients. You are the reason we are growing and moving forward. So please join us as we look back over the last few years of our work and especially your interiors.

We're glad you're coming back! 

Because it means we're doing a good job. Over the past few years, some projects have grown and become long-term collaborations.

The investment group GFF Group first came to us to design and realize the interior of a stylish lounge in the IGNIS Club. It wasn't long before we were working on the redesign of Frontman's offices, and last year we added the implementation of the Hookah Shop and the redesign of the IGNIS Bar, where we are now starting the next stage.

Even the big companies Notino and Asseco did not stay with one project.

Since 2017, we have implemented new offices for Notino in Brno three times. And we met Asseco for the first time during the implementation of a branch office project in Brno and a year later in Bratislava, where 4 floors of offices were waiting for us.

Prague or Brno? Maybe even Olomouc!

We are at home in Brno and its surroundings. Law offices in the city center, comfortable relaxation zones, functional meeting rooms, stylish kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and garden houses all over our beautiful Moravia. All this is designed and realized for our clients in Brno. 

But we don't stop at Brno...

We also went to Olomouc, where we designed the interior of Bistro Paulus, and then the design and implementation of FreeWork offices.  

And Prague, where we designed the interior of the Wolt offices, gave a new look to the Hookah Shop in Chodov, designed and realized the SMARTLOOK branch and also designed an apartment in Vinohrady.  

For great interiors come to us. From Prague, Brno, Ostrava... from everywhere.

One award is worth a thousand words

And we're even happier that the interiors of our clients didn't end with just one!  

In 2020, together with Andrea Pastrnek, we designed and realized PKV's offices in the Vlněna complex in Brno. The unique interior, full of technical gadgets, won the Consulting Office of the Year 2020 award and was ranked among the best architectural projects of 2020 by the editors of archello.com. What earned it? Read our blog to find out.

The year before last, our implementation team visited Poruba in Ostrava, where they spent a whole year working on the reconstruction of the Poklad Cultural Center. Our colleagues really pulled out all the stops, delivering more than 3,000 pieces of furniture and 300 pieces of carpentry from 90 subcontractors. 

The fact that this demanding work was worth it is evidenced by the fact that the building was awarded the main prize and the Public Award for the Building of the Year of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2021, which it won together with the nomination for the Czech Architecture Award 2022. It was also a finalist in the Grand Prix of the Association of Architects.

Dream Team of Sixteen 

Musketeers were three, dwarfs seven... And we're sixteen! In order to provide you with the best services, we have expanded our team with new talents this year.  

Radan Volnohradský, who specializes in urban planning and applies the principles of Feng Shui and bioarchitecture in his architectural designs, has joined our team of six architects. And thanks to Radan's experience with natural, alternative and low-energy construction, we can offer you something new again.

We cannot forget our implementation team, whose excellent work has earned them not only another member, but also a whole new department. We have always used a great painting company to paint, plaster and wallpaper our walls. And they can really wow you with their work. And that's who we've bought now! So you'll get everything first hand.

We couldn't have done it without you

Exactly. Because without you, all these beautiful interiors would only remain in the heads of our architects.  

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to many, many more projects together. 

And don't forget, your first consultation with us is free. 

Your Premiers

P. S. And we're off to work on your interiors again!

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