AKV Brno

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Long live history

Implemented: 2022
Řešené plochy: 350 m²
Place: Brno
Architect! Ing. arch. Andrea Pastrnek

Tomáš Slavík

Service: interior design and implementation
AKV Brno

The law firm Valíček & Valíčková has decided to give its offices a major makeover. And so our implementation team went directly to the centre of Brno, to one of the beautiful historical buildings on náměstí Svobody.

Old buildings have their charm, but they also have their drawbacks - quite often there are no plans for them. But we like a challenge, so we got to work. The offices got new floors and lighting, we installed plasterboard and glass partitions and provided painting

The owners' offices are adorned with custom wood paneling and storage, and the boardroom is not lacking in decorative spackle or a drywall circle with floral decorations. The reception area has also been transformed, with imitation stone cladding and a homapal cabinet

The interior was designed by Andrea Pastrnek, who took special care to make the most of the historic building with its high ceilings. The interior is minimalist, full of light and greenery and, above all, a pleasant atmosphere that is a pleasure to return to.

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