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How we work

1 First meeting

You have a plan and an expectation, we have a lot of ideas and experience. We’ll meet and discuss your future space and how it should look and feel. We’ll talk about timeframes and after the meeting we’ll send you a price and time estimate for our services.

1 week
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2 Design concept

Our team of architects will design the layout. We will send you this layout for confirmation, so that the space is optimal for you. If fine-tuning is needed, we’ll prepare other variants according to your needs. We’ll test the final layout by creating a concept 3D model.

3-5 weeks


3 Visualization and samples

You get to see how everything will look in combination. Visualization lets you see the final volumes, materials and colors. Using samples, we’ll show you all the elements we’ll use.

3-4 weeks

4 Project documentation

We’ll put the interior in drawings and create all the necessary documents for realization. We can also appropriately reinforce your company’s visual identity or otherwise graphically freshen up your interior.

5-10 weeks

Premier Interiors
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Premier Interiors

5 Scheduling and budgeting

We will give you a schedule and budget information and review them with you. After you confirm the budget and we sign the contract, we will start contracting tradespeople and suppliers. It can take a few weeks for materials and goods to arrive so we can start putting everything together.

6-10 weeks

6 Start of realization

The time has come! Construction work is starting. Followed by installations, assembly and arranging. We’ll keep track of everything, ensure quality and keep to the schedule. Because we’ve planned the project from the beginning, we know every detail of the space and we know what to look out for.

4-8 weeks

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7 Interior handover

Your new interior is here.
Come in, look around, and settle in.

8 Handover is not the end for us

We take interest in our clients even after the completion of a project. If you give us a bit of your time, we’ll call you later or meet you for coffee to follow up on how the new space fulfills your expectations.

Do you like our work?

Do you like our work?

From greyish boredom into your brand’s colors!
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