Konica Minolta II

Premier Interiors

Blue is good, but yellow is even better

Implemented: 2022
Řešené plochy: 230 m²
Place: Brno
Architect! PREMIER interiors
Ing. arch. Andrea Pastrnek

Oldřich Hrb

Service: interior design and implementation
Konica Minolta II

Konica Minolta, a company with Japanese roots, cares not only about success in the technology sector, but also about the well-being of its employees. That's why, together with our partner architect Andrea Pastrnek, we put our heads and hands together and created two new rooms in the Brno office where employees can relax and, if necessary, work. 

Andrea's design was inspired by the famous rising sun and the interior is therefore dominated by yellow. Together with natural materials and a grey-green carpet from Interface, it creates a pleasant atmosphere ideal for relaxation and informal meetings. 

Various types of seating ensure comfort with a good cup of coffee. Wegett sofa bags, RIM balance chairs and armchairs - there is a place for everyone.

The rooms also feature acoustic solutions in the form of felt light shades from BuzziShade and curtains that allow for easy division of spaces. In addition to the atypical flowerpots, the interior is also decorated with a print of Einstein's motto on the wall. 

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