Office of the Year 2020

22 / 06 / 2021


If you follow the news from the world of interiors, especially office interiors, you already know who won the title of Consulting Office of the Year 2020. And if not, get reading this special issue of our magazine to find out.

We won't keep you in suspense, it was none other than PKV BUILD s.r.o. with its 950 m2 of completely unique offices. And do you know who designed this unusual office space? Our amazing architect Andrea Pastrnek. And who took care of their implementation? Us, the PREMIER interiors!

We knew these spaces were going to be something special from the start. You will find them in one of the most modern office parks in the Czech Republic, in Brno's Vlná. But what catapulted them from the position of the best offices in Brno to one of the best offices in the country and the world is the approach of PKV itself. For the owner of the company, the comfort and privacy of the employees is of the utmost importance. And that this is not just idle talk is evidenced by the fact that the best view is not to be found in the executive office, but in the communal kitchen.

PKV's corporate culture is quite unique. High-tech solutions, finance, energy and ecology - these are the guidelines and values on which Andrea Pastrnek based her interior design. The dynamic open space is connected by a light wave symbolizing energy. But don't think that this is a style statement in itself. These offices are imbued with technical gadgets, such as a smart lighting system that responds to the intensity of the outdoor light. And without switches!

The offices also feature wooden multifunctional slats that represents graphs and financial savings, which also serve as signposts, lighting and dividers. And to make things even more exciting, the entire interior is complemented by veneer surfaces, recycled materials and plenty of greenery, which refers to the connection with nature and gives the space an unmistakable atmosphere of a futuristic jungle.

If you're one of the die-hard opponents of open space, you may be saying to yourself that it's all very well, but office privacy is just that - office privacy. Well, that's been thought of too. There are various stitching rooms, rest areas and phone booths located throughout the space to provide employees with absolute comfort when dealing with personal matters. Because no one wants to listen to what a doctor, accountant or, heaven forbid, an angry wife has to say.

Another thing no one wants to hear is the echo. That's why acoustics are important when designing and implementing open space - the noise in the PKV office space is dampened by glass partitions and acoustic elements from DeVorm. Oh, and we mustn't forget to mention that the offices are also equipped with custom-built wardrobes that provide employees with enough space for everything from coats and slippers to spare shirts in case of a coffee accident.

In these offices, everything was thought of. And that is why they rightly deserve the 2020 Office of the Year award. We are incredibly happy to have been there and we believe that PKV employees feel at home in their new offices. Or even better.  

Well, if you too are looking for a beautiful and functional interior, drop us a line at We will be happy to design it for you and then implement it with precision.  

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