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03 / 10 / 2022


Would you like a lunchtime menu or an evening drink? You name it. Now you can enjoy both in one of the comfortable and beautiful interiors created by our architects and craftsmen. 

So tune your taste buds and your interior design senses - introducing Paulus bistro and Ignis Bar & Club

It's no secret that Michelin-starred chef Roman Paulus has decided to throw down the gauntlet to all eateries. In Olomouc's Envelopa Office Center, he opened the Paulus bistro, which relies on simplicity and quality with a dash of something extra. And that's exactly what his interior is like, which we designed by Acht Studio. 

How does it actually work in such a modern 21st century canteen? You take your food away from the counters, which we've lined with solid oak, and choose one of the many places to sit. Upholstered benches, designer chairs from Hay, Piet Hein Eek and Pedrali, a lounge, chef's table and bar seating in the atrium. It's all waiting for you. And your lunch tray.

We are already familiar with the IGNIS Brno concept. Last year, we designed and realized a pipe lounge in OC Letmo for this group of enthusiasts for good drinks and smokes. And this year they came back to us for the redesign of a cocktail bar in the heart of Brno.

And because we heard rumours of a new signature drink menu, our implementation team went into extra gear and the interior was up and running in just 6 weeks!

You can enjoy the chill (and the drinks) to the fullest in the velvet booths or at the massive tables we've matched with the bar. The golden details and spot lights reminiscent of the starry sky will create a cool atmosphere for a date or a night out with friends. And there are round mirrors, which we can't imagine IGNIS without.

So enjoy and cheers!

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