The Best Time of the Year

19 / 12 / 2021


Christmas is almost upon us and we hope that Santa will reward our hard work this year with something other than a pair of warm socks. But we don't want to leave anything to chance, so we thought it was time to write him (and of course you) a list of all the projects we've been working hard on all autumn. Let's do it!

Our designers Bára and Zdeněk will definitely be on the nice list this year - they have been working on a particularly challenging project all year. We're talking about none other than the Ostrava House of Culture Poklad, which was opened at the end of August. The design was created in the workshop of our colleagues from Platforma architekti and we provided the delivery of the complete equipment, which included over 14 thousand items! And for that, we certainly don't get a lump of coal. 

Our architect Michal Štancl also deserves to find something nice under the tree. He took care of the design of a stylish lounge for the IGNIS pipe club in Brno. Thanks to Michal and our skilful implementation team, guests can enjoy pipes and drinks in the comfort of soft seats and armchairs and in a flood of colourful lights and beautiful accessories. 

Michal is also behind the design of the new premises of MT Legal, which will move to the beautiful Babák office building. We are already familiar with it there - last year we completed the entire interior of the reception area. And now we are starting the implementation of the entire 400 m2 of new offices!

Our architect, Bára Leitmannová, was not naughty either. She designed a minimalist meeting room for Sklárny Moravia, in which all their beautiful glass products stand out perfectly. Our team, led by Lukáš Pocklan, then took care of the building modifications, painting, flooring, wiring and supply of luxury equipment from Wiesner-Hager.

On Black Friday, another of our projects, which Bára is responsible for, saw the light of day - the Hookah Zone pipe shop in Prague's Westfield Chodov shopping centre. This project was a continuation of the lounge for IGNIS Brno and was completed in a record time of 6 weeks.   

And speaking of architects, we must also mention our newest reinforcement. It's none other than architect Martina Fojtíková, who hasn't even got her feet under the table and is already working on a luxury apartment project in the Churchill residential complex. And it's not an easy thing to do! The client lives in Switzerland and we deal with everything remotely. But we are working hard and after the New Year we will start the realization.  

Just so you know, dear Santa, this is not the only project Martina is working on. She has not one, but two other projects in the works. They are interior designs for a semi-detached house in Kuřim, which two friends have ordered from us. She is now preparing a customized design for each of them, which we will also implement.

We will stay with residential projects for a while. For a long-term client, for whom we worked with Andrea Pastrnek on the interior of a house in Ivanovice, we are now preparing the interior of a luxury apartment in Brno. The same client has also bought a lovely cottage in the Vysočina region, where we have furnished a beautiful garden house with a sauna.


Now, about what we've already done. In November, Bistro Paulus in Olomouc, where none other than Michelin-starred Roman Paulus cooks, successfully started its operation. Guests are already dining on our chairs and we can't wait to show you all of it. We have also completed the first stage of a major project to renovate 4 floors of Asseco CE's offices in Bratislava. And while we are sorting out the acoustic elements, our Slovakian colleagues are already planning the photo shoot. All those colours will surely excite you!    

Among the projects in progress, we must mention, for example, the realization of new premises for the Brno recruitment agency Hofmann Wizard, the realization of the interior in the new office extension for the online furniture retailer Expedo and, of course, also the project for Deutsche Telekom SE CZ, which we are working on together with architects from HUA HUA, whom you already know from our silver project for GasNet

Well, what can we say - it was a lot. Our team deserves first of all a big praise and even bigger thanks. You can't wrap that under the tree, but it sure warms you up more than a ugly Christmas sweater from your aunt. And of course, thanks also go to you, our customers and partners - because without you, we simply couldn't have done it. 

So we wish you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday season and look forward to many joint projects in the new year! 


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