Sklárny Moravia

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There is beauty in simplicity and glass

Implemented: 2021
Architect! PREMIER interiors – Ing. arch. Barbora Leitmannová

Photo: Oldřich Hrb

Service: interior design and implementation
Sklárny Moravia

Czech glassmaking is a worldwide phenomenon. And the Sklárny Moravia with more than 100 years of tradition are proof of that.  In the small village of Úsobrno, original glass products are created that deserve to be seen. And that is exactly what our architect Barbora Leitmannová took care of in her design of the new meeting and presentation room

To ensure that the delicate glass products are not lost in the interior, Bára has created a design that is as neutral and clean as possible, in which lighting plays the main role. Thanks to the sophisticated play of light and shadow, the beautiful glass cases not only stand out, but also literally light up the room. We used small spot lights to illuminate the products, which we complemented with linear lighting above the meeting table.

The meeting room is equipped with ergonomic chairs from LD seating and an atypical table designed and made-to-measure.  The space also includes a small kitchenette, which is visually separated from the meeting area by a curtain made by Zips Interier. Of course, there is also the necessary storage space - and these atypical cabinets are complemented by handles made from glass bottle stoppers.

As part of the project, in addition to the furnishings, we also arranged for construction work, plastering and painting, wiring for lighting and new flooring.

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