Premier Interiors

Feel the warmth ... of the pipe

Implemented: 2021
Place: Brno
Architect! PREMIER interiors – Ing. arch. Michal Štancl

Photo: Oldřich Hrb

Service: interior design and implementation

The IGNIS pipe club in Brno has decided to bring new, comfortable space to its customers. And so a stylish lounge for 20 people was created, where visitors can sink into soft velvet seats and enjoy fragrant pipes and great drinks. Our architect Michal Štancl took care of the interior design of the lounge in Letmo shopping centre in Brno and the whole realization was also under our direction.

The interior design is based on the club's existing premises - like in other parts of the club, it is dominated by black, blue and green colours, which Michal added with new golden elements. In the lounge, guests will find a total of three separate booths with comfortable benches and custom-made solid wooden tables. The booths are separated by an atypical metal grille with shelves for decorations, which acts as a visual divider. In addition to the seating boxes, the lounge is furnished with a set of green SCANDI armchairs with tables for singles or couples, increasing the overall capacity of the space. 

As the lounge completely lacks a source of daylight, the spaces are illuminated with RGB lights that allow you to change the colour at will and create an interesting atmosphere. The lights are placed behind mirrors with a bespoke design and also along the bottom edge of a DeVorm acoustic panel made from recycled materials. The space is complemented by ZUIVER's designer lights and paintings in tones of gold and blue.

The design and implementation also included a toilet and a back room with a sink, which we fitted with ceramic decorative mosaics from Archtiles.

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