Premier Interiors

Green is the Colour

Implemented: 2021
Place: Brno
Architect! PREMIER interiors –⁠ HUA HUA Architects s.r.o., Ing. arch. Andrea Pastrnek
Service: interior design –⁠ competition

GasNet is becoming independent and changing. It started with a new logo and visual identity, and next up are the offices. GasNet invited us to participate in their competition to design their new Brno offices and we joined forces with HUA HUA Architects and Andrea Pastrnek to create a design for a dynamic new space, which eventually came in a beautiful 2nd place

As part of the competition design, we created an airy and open reception area with individual zones, variable modern meeting rooms full of light and of course workstations that take into account the individual needs of employees but do not hinder communication within the team. The whole design is linked by the corporate identity represented by the green colour and graphic elements based on the geometric logo. And we have not forgotten the sustainable approach, which we have reflected in the simplicity of the workmanship and recycled materials.

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Do you like our work?

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