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Architectural Treasure Hidden in Poruba

Implemented: 2021
Řešené plochy: 4500 m²
Place: Ostrava-Poruba

Photo: Alexandra Timpau

Service: interior implementation
DK Poklad

After 12 years of hard work, the Poklad House of Culture in Ostrava-Poruba got a makeover. And not just any makeover. It was designed by our great colleagues from PLATFORMA architekti, who did the almost impossible - they created a modern and bright space out of a cumbersome socialist cultural centre, while preserving the original listed footprint of the building. 

And we were given the task of furnishing all those beautiful rooms with new furniture. To be exact, three thousand pieces of furniture and accessories, three hundred pieces of custom cabinetry and countless coffee spoons and other knick-knacks from a total of ninety subcontractors

The first space we furnished is, of course, the foyer. Our skilled carpenters made a custom-made illuminated wardrobe counter with the POKLAD sign and coat racks, and we also took care of the laminate lining under the original bronze statue by Konrad Babraj, which welcomes visitors in full glory once again. 

The great pride of DK Poklad is the theatre hall, where the architects managed to preserve the original oak ceiling. But the small stage, which was equipped with stackable chairs with digital numbering by Wiesner-Hager, or the music club, where comfortable chairs and spacious tables ideal for corporate events and family celebrations await visitors, were not missed.

The bar in the music club and the theatre bar in the foyer were lined with snow-white laminate and complemented with beautiful seating and tables from Wiesner-Hager as well as upholstered benches. And we mustn't forget to mention the theatre dressing rooms, which we furnished with tables and mirrors, and the projection booths in the cinema room.

There are also 4 lounges in the cultural centre, which serve as rooms for seminars or presentations. Of course, we have also equipped these lounges with Wiesner-Hager design chairs and tables, custom-made cabinets and hangers and curtains. And we also took care of furnishing the Poklad restaurant, where we supplied chairs, wooden tables and a beautiful bar with barstools.

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