Bistro Paulus


Implemented: 2021

Solved areas: 100 m²

Place: Olomouc

Architekt: Studio acht

Photo: Tomáš Slavík

Service: interior implementation

Michelin chef Roman Paulus has opened a modern bistro in Olomouc's Envelopa Office Center. In the glass atrium behind the counters, imaginative dishes are created daily to fill the stomachs and hearts of local diners. And it was our interior design team who made this unique bistro a reality!

The bistro is dominated by the counters, which we lined with solid oak with lighted niches, and a custom-made cashier kiosk. The interior is simple and elegant, with spacious wooden tables made by our woodworkers ready to welcome guests. We have complemented these with designer chairs and footstools from Hay, Piet Hein Eek and Pedrali. Upholstered benches with a distinctive pattern and a lounge with a slatted ceiling, which can be created by simply pulling the curtains, also provide a pleasant seating area. In addition to the furnishings inside the bistro, we also created bar seating under a glass roof and, of course, the lighting was fully implemented.

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