Premier Interiors

Unique connection of high-tech solutions with nature

Implemented: 2020
Řešené plochy: 950 m²
Place: Brno
Architect! Andrea Pastrnek

Photo: Pavol Bigoš – Pinarto, Oldřich Hrb

Service: interior design and implementation


The offices of PKV BUILD s.r.o. have been voted Consulting Office of the Year 2020.

For PKV, together with our partner architect Andrea Pastrnek, we designed and implemented the offices in the Vlněna complex in Brno and we took care of the project management of the delivery of atypical furniture. The client's brief was to bring the idea of combining modern technology with nature into the interior and at the same time ensure maximum comfort for the employees.

We designed a novel interior, which in the spirit of the company's philosophy uses smart solutions - for example, lighting is regulated only via apps. The unconventional open-space is complemented by greenery and slats that articulate it and create enough privacy for individual teams without losing sight of what's going on in the company. Acoustics were also a very important factor - we therefore used acoustic elements from De Vorm in the meeting rooms. We worked with natural shades as well as recycled and renewable materials. The space is also dominated by a theme of rounded shapes, referring to the company's logo and focus. 

The project by PKV offices was ranked by the editors of the platform as one of the best architectural projects of 2020.

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