Looking back at June, the month of offices

14 / 07 / 2021


Two months of holidays are ahead of us and before we all scatter for summer fun, let's take a look together at what happened in June here in Premieres and what is yet to come.

June was marked by offices. If you follow our social networks, you might have noticed that our interior of PKV's Brno offices won the Office of the Year 2020 competition. We're duly proud of this win, but it's not the only thing we've done in the past month.

Brno lawyer put the fate of his office in our hands and we transformed this rather small space beyond recognition. Our architect Barbora Leitmannová designed a highly functional and stylish solution that also reflects the personality of its owner. We then tailored the entire design, fine-tuned the details and set up a chair for the attorney so he could start enjoying the view of the Masaryk Quarter. And, of course, to work.

Another project we completed in June was the redesign of Frontman's Brno offices. Our architect partner Markéta Bergerová took care of the design this time, and as always, we did everything we could to make the whole project run like clockwork. Our excellent contractors demolished, drilled, fitted, laid, painted and installed. A beautiful design became a beautiful reality and the Frontman finally have a facility they can be justly proud of.

But we're not stopping there. We are currently working on another project for Frontman, namely the reconstruction of retail space in Prague's Chodov district. We are also working hard on the implementation of office space in Bratislava for another loyal customer - Asseco CE. This time it is a whole four floors of custom-made joinery and we can tell you that lovers of bright colours have a lot to look forward to. And to make matters more exciting, we have just submitted the design of the Prague offices for Wolt, we are also preparing the design of another law office and the redesign of the entrance area and the glass meeting room of EnviTec Biogas according to Andrea Pastrnek's design.

We are literally bursting with new office designs and implementations, but that is not the only thing we can do. Soon you can look forward to one great realization of Studio acht's design. And what will it be about? Nothing else than a complete fit-out for a new bistro in Olomouc, where the great Roman Paulus will be cooking. 

Well, you have a lot to look forward to. So keep a close eye on our website and social networks, because the photos from these projects won't leave you waiting for long. And if your office, house, apartment or even bistro needs a new look, contact us at kamenik@premieri.cz.

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