Office design trends of 2020: lots of light, nature and relaxation areas

17 / 01 / 2020


The coming generation of employees has completely different idea about work-life balance in comparison to their parents. Nowadays, people in the office want to feel free, they care about the environment and the idea of endless overtime or workaholism do not let them sleep. Companies have to adapt to this - and keep it in mind when designing offices in 2020.

The more natural light, the better

While in the last millennium employees have worked quietly in cramped and dark spaces, nowadays people require the opposite: offices with as much natural light as possible. Therefore, place workplace close to the windows so that light from outside can reach them. If you are furnishing new office space in 2020, try to illuminate all long and dark corridors - for example, by separating adjacent rooms only with glass partitions.

In some cases, natural light cannot be provided. In that case, focus on the lighting. Instead of a large central chandelier, you should get more smaller spot bulbs, which evenly spread the space throughout the room and thus look more natural.

Choose light bulbs with a chromaticity temperature of approximately 6,000 kelvins, because they emit white light most similar to natural light. Bulbs with a higher number of kelvins emit cool blue light, those with a lower number of kelvins, although warm but unnaturally yellow light. In addition, this light subconsciously sleeps.

Natural materials are the key

Due to climate change, more and more people are interested in environmental protection or sustainability. And that also affects offices. In 2020, people want to be surrounded by green, natural materials or at least materials from renewable resources.

For example, if you are renovating a floor, it is best to choose wood or laminate. If there is some free space, place a plant or create a green wall straight away. Not only will you make your employees happy, but you will also increase their productivity thanks to the abundance of greenery in the workplace.

Environmentally conscious employees will be pleased with seemingly little things. Buy a waste sorting containers for the company, equip the faucets with energy-saving aerators and solve the lighting with energy-saving light bulbs.

Employees must have fun when at work

Workaholism or 12-hour shifts are no longer popular in 2020. Next-generation employees deal with work-life balance much more - and once they have to spend more time in the office than they think is healthy, they also want to relax in the workplace.

Modern offices cannot do without relaxation zones. Create a meditation, play or sleeping room in your workplace so that people can have a break. Maybe that's why they hang out for a few tens of minutes a day, but thanks to their satisfaction and higher efficiency, it will pay off several times.

Movement and speed

The big trend next year will be something called a dynamic office. Gone are the days of fixed partitions, heavy cabinets and fixed jobs. The offices of the future look like you can completely rebuild them in a few minutes and change them beyond recognition.

To do this, you need mobile screens, light tables and wheeled cabinets or large workplace suitable for anyone to work on. At a time when employees are increasingly working from home or working from the field, a ponderous office with fixed positions is simply a historical relic for each employee.

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