How Did 2020 Transform Office Interiors? Part Two

A follow-up to the article on the interior trends of the past twelve months.

In the reviled year of 2020, interiors had to deal with many challenges as well as positive trends. It was marked by, for example, the emphasis on ecology and inclination to experiment with the selection of colours. These trends were discussed here. What else defined it?


5.     Product Quality

Many companies and private investors have realised that higher investments in quality products pay off in terms of their lifespan. Quality design that will last as long as possible without wear and tear, will not become hackneyed in a year and will provide its users with sufficient comfort has become more relevant. The price is no longer the primary criterion for assessing a product. Its lifespan, texture and environmental impacts are considered as well.


6.     Overlooked Greenery on the Front Burner

Until recently, plants were considered a rather redundant element, while today, they are sought-after for their significant impact on human health. Companies strive to integrate them into their working environment, not only in the form of free-standing plants. Vertical green walls, green paintings and green installations hanging loosely from the ceiling have become more popular.

Plants may be used as partitions.


7.     Slats Wherever You Look

If there was a design symbol of 2020, it would be slats. There were used absolutely everywhere, both in exteriors and interiors. This is because they harmonise the room and make it cleaner and cosier. Slats were used both to divide the space and cover all sorts of things. We could see slat walls, slat floors and slat furniture.

A slat wall installed in a house.


8.     Less Unification, More Personality

“Let it speak for us” – this pretty much sums up the need to adapt the space to the philosophy, interests, work and non-work habits of the investor. The space is becoming increasingly personalised. Although this is nothing new in interior design and implementation, it was not common for a long time.


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