A Holiday With Premieres

The holidays are over and the new school year is in full swing. We don't have to go back to school anymore, but we have a lot of work and new challenges ahead of us. And we certainly didn't slack off in the summer - so join us to see what we've done in the last two months.

First of all, in August, as every year, we all gathered for a good portion of meat, goulash and beer pong by the Brno dam at the Pohoda cabin.  We would rather not share any photos, but we can tell you that the teambuilding was a great success. It was simply a good time. And now let's go through the work achievements!

We have completed the implementation of one great surprise.The owner of WOOD SYSTEM had a great kitchen with a relaxation area designed and realized for his employees.  Our amazing architect Andrea Pastrnek let her imagination run wild and designed a space where employees can eat, have fun and relax with darts or table football. Because as we know, a happy employee is the best thing for the company. 

But our projects realized in cooperation with Andrea do not end there. Together, we also took care of the design and implementation of a meeting room for the Brno branch of Konica Minolta, which is the first flagship of a large redesign project of these offices. The entire office is designed in the spirit of Japanese minimalism and with the needs of employees in mind.Well, we think that the Brno branch will not be put to shame by their Japanese colleagues with this beautiful representative space.

We must also not forget to boast about our competition design for GasNet's new Brno offices, which came in silver second place. For this design we joined forces with our colleagues at HUA HUA Architects and we also invited Andrea Pastrnek. As part of the competition design, we prepared visuals of an airy reception area, variable meeting rooms and workstations tailored to the individual needs of the employees.

Our design for Wolt, which is moving to a new space in Prague's Bubenská 1 Palace, was also given the green (or rather blue) light. Our team of architects Barbora Leitmannová, Matěj Picek and Andrea Pastrnek took care of the design of the lounge area with kitchen, one-room and open space. This design was a big challenge for us, because Bubenská Palace is a listed building and this had to be taken into account in the overall concept, the materials used and the colour scheme. But as always, our skilled architects were up to the task. Judge for yourself.

After a year of hard work, the Poklad House of Culture in Ostrava has also had its grand opening and we can't wait to show you the resulting photos. We have also completed the realization of a family house in South Moravia according to the design of Ing. Daniela Gutmanová and the new space for the Brno Ignis Pipe Club in Letmo shopping centre, which we will soon present to you.  

And what awaits us now in autumn? First of all, the redesign of the Brno offices of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic, which we are really looking forward to. We are also starting the design for an apartment with a garden in the exclusive Churchill residence in Prague's Vinohrady district. And we are finishing the delivery of equipment for the new Roman Paulus bistro in Olomouc designed by Studio acht and four floors of Asseco CE offices in Bratislava.  

If you don't want to miss any news from our projects, follow us on Facebook and Instagram - you'll definitely have something to look forward to. And if you're looking for someone to help you with interior design or implementation, drop us a line at

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