Konica Minolta

Premier Interiors

based on Japanese minimalism

Implemented: 2021
Place: Brno
Architect! PREMIER interiors –⁠ Ing. arch. Andrea Pastrnek

Fotograf: Oldřich Hrb

Service: interior design and implementation
 Konica Minolta

Times are changing and the way we communicate within a company is changing with it. Especially when it comes to Konica Minolta, a large technology company with a worldwide presence. Its Brno branch has also decided to keep up with the times, and in cooperation with our partner, architect Andrea Pastrnek, we have designed and implemented a new meeting room.

We created a meeting room that meets all the company's requirements for variability and representativeness. The large table is foldable and can be easily folded down for video calls, giving space for standing product presentations. And when space is needed for a business meeting or an internal meeting, it can be unfolded again and Wiesner Hager chairs can be added. The interior design is closely linked to Konica Minolta - natural materials and colours, minimalism and circles dominate the design, which is used in the lighting from myLIGHT or the wall decorations. And since the phone room is primarily for making phone calls and must have good acoustics, we did not forget about the acoustic wall from SilentLab. 

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Do you like our work?

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