Six months in the life of PREMIER interiors

Life is slowly returning to normal, summer is knocking on the door and with it comes the next issue of our magazine. Join us for a look back at the last six months and see what we've been up to all this time.

Even in home office mode in the middle of a raging pandemic, we certainly didn't slack off. This year, together with Ing. arch. Michal Štancl, we managed to design and implement offices for Idea StatiCA. And we have to say that we really succeeded. Industrial metallic elements and rich contrasting colours referring to the company's focus, a functional combination of open space and closed offices, spaces for meetings and relaxation, even phone booths... These spaces simply lack nothing. See for yourself.

According to the proposal of Ing. arch. Václav Kruliš, we have delivered precise joinery tailored for the Prague offices of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. We ensured that the walls of the offices received new wooden cladding as well as the ceiling units of the air handling units. 

And we mustn't forget to boast about the fragrant interior of Notino's Brno offices. Our colleagues from Kyzlink Architects took care of the design and we took care of the delivery of atypical joinery elements and seating furniture. Under our hands, we created wooden tiles on the walls made of acoustic slats and fun graphics that add a touch of flair to the space. We also completed the interior with seating and meeting tables from our favourite supplier Wiesner Hager. And of course, we made sure the employees enjoyed their work - our carpenters made a beautiful spacious kitchen with custom seating.

But it doesn't stop there - we also designed a meeting room for the Czech company Sklárny Moravia, which has been producing original glass products for a hundred and fifty years.  And because their luxury designer glass deserves to be seen, we have also included a space for their presentation in the design of the meeting room. Since the beginning of the year, we have also been working hard on the interior of the Poklad House of Culture in Ostrava, which has been the centre of all culture in Poruba since the 1960s.

Now its reconstruction is finally underway, which you will hear more about from us. Finally, we must also mention the newly established cooperation with the amazing architect Ing. Daniela Gutmanová, who invited us to realize her design of a family house for a young couple from South Moravia.  

So keep an eye on us, so you don't miss anything. And if you also want to breathe new life into your interior, you know our number. 

+420 725 809 001

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