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Premier Interiors

More than just colour

Implemented: 2021
Řešené plochy: 430 m²
Place: Brno
Architect! PREMIER interiors – Ing. arch. Michal Štancl

Photo: Tomáš Slavík

Service: interior design and implementation
MT Legal

The law firm MT Legal in Brno has moved to the Babák office building. Their new home has become a modern space that spans the entire floor. And we, together with our architect Michal Štancl, have designed and implemented it down to the last detail!

Upon entering the floor, every visitor is immediately drawn to the logo we had applied to the carpet in front of the meeting room with its atypical glass entrance. We equipped it with chairs and a table from Wiesner Hager and curtains to ensure privacy. The stylish bespoke furniture is also present in the second meeting room and individual offices. At the customer's request, we have also created a relaxation room with comfortable seating, a variable bookcase or a wall bars for stretching.

The interior is dominated by the signature yellow colour, which has been part of the company's identity from the very beginning. The yellow armchairs, cabinets, doors and accessories blend perfectly with the shades of grey that permeate the entire space. In addition, the walls of the rooms were complemented with a graphic print that is linked to the visual identity of the company. 

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