Family house Brno Sadová

Family house design implementation

Implemented: 2020

Solved areas: 80 m²

Place: Brno

Architekt: Andrea Pastrnek

Fotograf: Pavol Bigoš, Pinarto

Service: návrh a realizace interiéru

Our task was to design the optimal layout, expand the entrance space, find a place for a desk and unify the whole interior in style. The owners preferred natural shades, so we worked primarily with wooden surfaces and a white-grey-black palette.

At first glance we notice that the materials are selected carefully. Both floors are united by a solid wooden floor, thanks to which the environment looks very cosy. What is more, this element allows the use of underfloor heating. A number of elaborated details contribute to the overall airy and friendly impression of the space - veneer framing of furniture, hidden door frames or elegant equipment consisting of simple lines. Lighting is provided by white spotlights as well as pendant and wall local lights.

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