Premier Interiors

Identity print in blue

Implemented: 2022
Řešené plochy: 320 m²
Place: Brno
Architect! PREMIER interiors
Ing. arch. Michal Štancl

Oldřich Hrb

Service: interior design and implementation

Brno-based biometric solutions developers from Innovatrics needed more space and therefore moved to new offices. They decided on the Campus Science Park complex and couldn't have chosen better. In addition to the great space we designed and implemented for them, they also got the best view of the atrium full of greenery.

Our architect Michal Štancl based the interior design on the company's existing visual identity and all the rooms are decorated in several shades of blue.

The kitchen, the carpet, the screens and the atypical ACUTEC suspended acoustic elements in the meeting rooms are blue. And the pasting on the glass partitions or the large graphics on the wall also refer to what the company does. 

We also added flowerpots and stylish pocket squares with greenery to the blue interior. Chairs and lights from Devorm headed to the kitchen, and of course we couldn't forget about some of the gadgets, like the large, writable wall in the meeting room.

The build also included structural alterations, carpeting and partition installation as well as ceiling painting.

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