Office design implementation

Implemented: 2020

Solved areas: 1100 m²

Place: Brno

Architekt: Andrea Pastrnek

Fotograf: Pavol Bigoš, Pinarto 

Service: návrh a realizace interiéru

The investor's task was to create interiors that would reflect the company's mission. At the same time, the investor required practicality and functional layout of the rooms.

We focused on the very good location of offices. They are located on the 11th floor and offer an impressive view of the landmarks of Brno. In the interiors, palette of neutral shades complemented by wood decor were used. The aim of this step was to bring to the front the view of the city and its citizens. This element expresses the essence of the whole company - it reminds employees and visitors of what ČPP is.

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