How much floor space does one employee need to be able to work in comfort?

Not all companies can afford for every employee to have a separate office. Either there’s not enough space, or some teams need to be grouped together. In those cases it’s good to know how much floor space each employee should have to feel comfortable while working.


5 square metres per person is a minimum

Minimum and recommended floor space requirements for offices are stated by the ČSN 73 5305 technical norm for administrative buildings and spaces. Among other things, it states that space required for one person, not including meeting spaces and storage spaces (e.g. lockers), is 5 m2 minimum, and the workspace including meeting space and storage space must have at least 12 m2.


In the norm, you’ll also find recommended values that are considerably more employee-friendly. The recommended value for workspaces is 8 m2 without meeting and storage spaces and 16 m2 with meeting and storage spaces.


The same technical norm also sets the minimum office space height. The lowest acceptable height for offices up to 100 m2 is 2,7 metres, for large offices over 100 m2 the minimum is 3 metres.


Compliance with the norm is supervised by the public health office

For an employer, it’s not a good idea to disobey the ČSN norm. There are two good reasons.


  • First is employee satisfaction. Having a workspace of less than 5 m2 is generally uncomfortable for an employee and they will not be happy to stay for long.
  • Second reason is the public health office, which checks for compliance. Its workers approve project documentation and operation guidelines, and sometimes even come to check offices already in operation. That’s why it’s important to take all regulations into account when planning your offices, because later modifications before final approval or during operation tend to be expensive.

Offices larger than 100 m2 must have a ceiling at least 3 metres high.

What does the architect say? Better to use the recommended values

According to architect Dipl.-Ing. Mirko Lev , a specialist in commercial building interiors, the minimum floor space according to the ČSN norm is really the absolute minimum and companies should try to exceed it. “Working in an uncomfortable environment is like running in small shoes. Employees can endure it for some time but in the long term, it will have a negative impact on their performance and mental health,” he says.


“My advice is to use the recommended values of the technical norm, as these allow for truly comfortable work. Of course, it is also important for the workplace to be supplemented by appropriately sized common areas for breaks and resting,” Dipl.-Ing. Mirko Lev concludes.

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