We cooperate with best architects and copywriters. Our content is in hands of Content agency.

It is well known about us that we cooperate only with the best architects in commercial real estate field, but cooperation with excellent Content agency from Brno was new thing to us. And we realized one very important thing.

The very first workshop with Confect agency has shown us that our weakest point is… small team.

But immediately after second practice we came to conclusion that small team is also one of our greatest strength. Because thank to the small team:

  • We are emotionally connected to each project so we care personally about best result,
  • We have friendly relationships with our vendors so we can negotiate literally dream conditions for you,
  • We will call you back or reply to your email duringthe weekends too,
  • We are very adjustableso if you can´t make it to the meeting we can arrange the skype call instead.

Cooperation with Content agency led us to the conclusion that the situation is same for them. We know how great it is to work with small company, which is well known to you and which is personally interested in your success.

If big company with 150 employees messes up your project, they may just shrug the shoulders and move along to the next client. They dont care. Your business means nothing to them.

If something similar will occur in our company it will be a big disappointment for each of us.

That is why we in PREMIER put all in each and every project. We work as hard on it as if it was our own office interior.

And thanks to this we are doing great projects.

If you give us a call or write us an e-mail, we would love to meet you and show you personally.