We handed over new offices for Libli

“We are Libli, we are doing to telecommunation and our slogan is think locally work globally. Prepare the office design for us please.”

This is how our cooperation with  Libli s.r.o. started. We spent few weeks with architect Andrea Pastrnek on drawing new ideas and thoughts which capture Suntel Net and should be engraved in the new office.

Inspired by the slogan, we thought up phrases as “local tradition”, “modern style”, “telecommunication”, or “infrastructure”. We came off with new icon ideas, routes and nets. We went through many hours of brainstorm; we drew hundreds of papers and threw out tens of ideas.

Our effort has paid off when we presented moodboard after two weeks. Client was effusive. not only because of our suggestions but because of our human approach too.Because when client unexpectedly realized that he can´t made it to a meeting we met easily via Skype call

“I appreciate your attitude and I´m glad that we chose you”

Michal Rákoci
Suntel Net CEO

Result? You can see it. Lobby, two meeting rooms, office for managers, back office, open space, relax zone or coffee room.

Everything in design that reflects identity of Suntel company where all employees and clients will be like in heaven.

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