PREMIER on grill: great party above rooftops in Brno

On Thursday in May 31 st we used the terrace of NEST interior to informal meeting with our architects and clients. Amazing weather, luxurious food and great group of people changed our barbecue into action that will be never forgotten.

Party has started in afternoon where we took the advantage from summer weather and chat with clients and architects in fairy tale surrounding high above the rooftops of Brno.

Early in the evening under the stark supervision of chef from gastro center Kuliner we heat up the grill and prepared fresh mussels on white wine, salmon filets or steaks from ripe beef meat. Something so delicious most of us have not eaten in a long time.

And as a dessert for luxury food, a delicious wine tasting and tasting of premium rums, which we have for the even better gastronomic experience have gone through chocolate.

Everyone enjoyed it so well that the first guests left us long after dark, while the last guests just before dawn. And we just wished they did not have to go to work the next day on Friday.

Due to the success of the barbecue, we are already thinking about what we will prepare for our clients next time. And we’ll be glad to meet you this time.

Gallery from event